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Effective Staffing Solutions for Carriers & Brokers in the Insurance Industry

Turn to CMZ in Baltimore, MD/Western MD for reliable staffing solutions catering to the insurance industry. We can even access the national and international marketplace for global recruitment ventures. Our services include:

• Executive Searches
• Contingency & Retained Searches
• Contractual & Per Diem Staffing
• Retained Searches
• Specialization in Diversity & Generational

• Per Diem Outsourcing of HR Services
• HR Outsourcing Services

Contract Staffing
Our contract staffing services cover 1099 and W-2 conversions. We also handle various payroll-related services. Working with our contract division yields many for your company. These benefits include:     

• Reduced Employment Costs
• Staffing Flexibility
• Sole-Source Staffing Ability
• Insurance & Employment Benefits
• Maintenance of Budget Control

Supplemental Benefit for Agents and Brokers - Legal Shield
Having a retained attorney 24/7 for your business and to sell to your insureds. Protection for Peace of Mind. 
For LegalShield™ Services Click Here.

Human Resources Consulting
On a per diem basis, our HR consultants can assist your company's HR staff to complete specified projects. They can also help you manage on- or off-site projects. Our consultants' assistance covers:

• Wage & Salary Studies • Relocations • Outplacements

Contact us in Baltimore, MD for targeted staffing solutions focusing on the insurance industry.