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Effective Staffing Solutions for Carriers & Brokers in the Insurance Industry

Turn to CMZ in Golden, Colorado, for reliable staffing solutions catering to the insurance industry. We can even access the national and international marketplace for global recruitment ventures. Our services include:

• Executive Searches
• Contingency & Retained Searches
• Contractual & Per Diem Staffing
• Retained Searches
• Specialization in Diversity & Generational

• Per Diem Outsourcing of HR Services
• HR Outsourcing Services

Contract Staffing
Our contract staffing services cover 1099 and W-2 conversions. We also handle various payroll-related services. Working with our contract division yields many for your company. These benefits include:     

• Reduced Employment Costs
• Staffing Flexibility
• Sole-Source Staffing Ability
• Insurance & Employment Benefits
• Maintenance of Budget Control

Supplemental Benefit for Agents and Brokers - Legal Shield
Having a retained attorney 24/7 for your business and to sell to your insureds. Protection for Peace of Mind. 
For LegalShield™ Services Click Here.

Human Resources Consulting
On a per diem basis, our HR consultants can assist your company's HR staff to complete specified projects. They can also help you manage on- or off-site projects. Our consultants' assistance covers:

• Wage & Salary Studies • Relocations • Outplacements

Contact us in Golden, CO, for targeted staffing solutions focusing on the insurance industry.